"Margaret Mead once said 'Never despair that a small group of people can bring about change, in fact that’s the only way that change has ever come about' John Kim Bell is one of those people. Who, as one person, has been able by his energy and talent to have an enormous impact on Canada, on First Nation’s communities all across this country and he is a real inspiration I think, for all of us. He’s been an inspiration to thousands and thousands of young people in the first nations. Not only in the first nations, but I think Japanese Canadians, Chinese Canadians, Indo-Canadians. Can all look to that and say “Look at what that guy has done.” I have nothing but admiration and praise for what he has done and I’m grateful as a Canadian that there has been a John Kim Bell."

Dr. David Suzuki


"When he is with you one on one, he reaches into your heart and grabs hold and just lifts you up. I think he is helping us as a county, with that positive, gracious energy. Lifting up Aboriginal people in the eyes of all Canadian’s who are not Aboriginal. He is a great peace maker and a great leader and a great bridge builder."

Glen Murray

The Honourable Glen R. Murray
Minister of Infrastructure/ Minister of Transportation for the Government of 


"John Kim organizes things tremendously well. That’s why I said I’d like to hire him to run an oil sands project."

Neil Camarta

Neil Camarta
Former Chief Executive Officer
Shell Albian Sands Inc.


"John Kim Bell is a very dynamic person. Probably from the first time I met him I thought I was in the middle of a tornado."


Gil Cardinal


"I have learned a lot from him.  John Kim is extremely detailed and he is extremely creative. Everything comes together on that night. I think that he is a brilliant man. I think he is a visionary."

Marlin Magee
Former Co-Producer
National Aboriginal Achievement Awards


"If he has a mission then nothing will stop him."

Mr. Justice Harry S. LaForme, Court of Appeal for Ontario.


"John Kim Bell has done an outstanding job, an absolutely outstanding job, in the terms of giving appropriate exposure to success, achievements and accomplishments in the Aboriginal community. We owe John Kim Bell a whole lot of gratitude."

Phil Fontaine
President and Owner
Ishkonigan Consulting and Mediation

Phil Fontaine

"His history, not only nationally here in Canada, but internationally, is well known. What little I saw of him, which was kind of a whirling dervish, in the behind scenes, directing ... everything was already set up but, he was still making sure it was perfection. I think he is a genius. I think he is a Canadian treasure."

Roy Romanow

Roy Romanow
Former Premier of Saskatchewan


"John Kim is not one to ever set a low standard for achievement. Anybody that’s ever worked with John or had to deal with John Kim knows he has the highest standard. Not only the things that he does, but what he expects of others. And the contributions they ought to be making to this country. That’s what really sets John Kim apart from any of the others out there. A true Canadian."

Dan Goodleaf.jpg

Dan Goodleaf
Former Deputy Minister
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada


"Well if any descriptors come to mind when we at Royal Bank think of John Kim Bell. It’s his absolute passion for getting things done, his passion to help his people take their rightful place in Canadian society. John Kim Bell, to me, has been a disciple of the people in this country and I’m very proud of him."

Charles Coffey.png

Charles Coffey
Former Executive Vice President
Government and Community Affairs President
RBC Financial Group


"I think he is a brilliant guy and an amazing self-starter. I’d say he is ahead of his time."

Bob Loader
Former Manager International Security
Nexen Inc.