About Bell & Bernard Limited


Bell & Bernard Limited’s (BBL) dual objective is to serve as a resource to companies who require assistance in developing relationships with First Nations communities. BBL’s services include consultation and accommodation, negotiating memorandums of understanding for consultation and/or accommodation as well as negotiating impact benefit agreements, and mitigating issues that arise between resource developers and aboriginal groups.



BBL was established in 2006 through the partnership of two well-known First Nations entrepreneurs, John Kim Bell and John Bernard.

Mr. Bernard, a Maliseet, from Madawaska First Nation in New Brunswick established Donna Conna Enterprises as a highly successful professional services company based in Ottawa with annual revenues in the millions of dollars.

Mr. Bell is the well-known internationally recognized cultural figure and entrepreneur whose distinguished first career was as a symphonic conductor and composer of film and television. He is the Founder and original CEO of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (now known as Indspire) and National Aboriginal Achievement Awards (now known as the Indpsire Awards) into an unprecedented charitable organization serving the aboriginal community.




Equally, BBL works directly with First Nations communities and organizations to advance economic and cultural goals. BBL actively represents First Nations as a negotiator and consultation expert focussing on wind, solar and hydroelectric power generation as well as mining.

BBL brings deep experience to First Nations and resource developers alike serving clients from across Canada and the United States.


Blackfoot Entrance


In 2008, Mr. Bell acquired the company from Mr. Bernard to focus the company on resource development activities between developers and First Nations and Métis communities.